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{June 17, 2009}   Miley has boyfriend?!?!

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{June 16, 2009}  

{June 16, 2009}   like onion heads?

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{June 16, 2009}   Adam News

Hi I’m Emily and this is my blog ONIONHEADS. you’re probably all wondering why I chose the title ONIONHEADS… well…. so am I ! Mwhahahahaha…. Maybe coz my head looks like an onion; and when you peel away all the layers…. there’s nothing inside it! Get it? An onion is empty!

Anyhooo…. this is my blog and let’s start with the latest news on that funky-edgy-gifted-death-scream rocker we all know and love: ADAM.

Here is a secret he has revealed to the public…. yes! his freaky hair! How does he do it?

Check it out here:

See what I mean?

{June 15, 2009}   Hello world!

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